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Historical Buildings

Lishien Building, Dachen Hall and Department of History

Lishien Building

Dachen Hall

Department of History
Forming a single row and established in 1911 during the Japanese colonial period, these three buildings were originally the compounds of the Japanese army’s Taiwanese infantry second platoon. Along with Cheng Kung Lake and the Banyan Garden, this area was designated a national-class historical site in 2003.
Weishu Hospital (the former 804th Army Hospital)
Established between 1916 and 1937, and now a city-class historical site, this was the highest ranking military hospital during the Japanese colonial period.
Department of Physics
Created in 1930 as a physics and chemistry laboratory and library, and now a city-class historical site, this building was the first on campus to be constructed with bricks and a tiled roof.
Double Courtyard of the Faculty of Engineering

Dept of Engineering Science

Dept of CSIE

Dept of Resource Engineering
The three buildings of the old departments of mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and applied chemistry were completed in 1932. Their center hallways are interconnected, creating an architectural model for an engineering department complex.
Main Museum
The building that houses the main museum was completed in 1933, and is now a city-class historical site. It was the original site of Tainan Technical College’s administration center.
Gerchih Hall
Established in 1934 as a lecture hall, now a city-class historical site, it was renamed Ger Chih Hall in 1973.
Old University Library
Construction of the library began in 1957, courtesy of U.S. aid. In 2001, the building relinquished its responsibilities as the university’s main library.
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